Manual welding machine for plastics with an external air blower, so that the handle itself is lightweight and handy and allows to work for long time without fatigue. Smooth temperature control with digital display allows you to customize the welding parameters for each type of plastic. The large number of nozzles easily adapts the device to any type of operation. Equipped with cooling pipe casing so that the risk of burns is leveled to a minimum. Used primarily as a welder for plastics and for shrinking and heating surface.

Technical data
Voltage 230V / 50Hz
Power 1600W
Temperature 20-600ÂșC
Isolation class II class
Weight 1,8 kg
Handle weight 350 g
Handle length 28 cm
Handle diameter 40 mm
Cable length 2,5 m
Pressure 3000 Pa
Air outlet 30 mm
Certificate CE