Bosite 800

Automatic welder that uses a hot wedge as the heating element. With this construction it is noiseless and efficient. Ideal solution for situations where the requirement is to get 100% seam tightness. Perfectly suited for work on the construction of highways, tunnels, waterproof tanks for water and many others. Welds foil and PP, PEHD, PVC, EVA and even thin LDPE geomembrane where you can get a seam over 85% strength of the base material.

Technical data
Voltage 230V / 50Hz
Power 750W
Temperature 20-450ÂșC
Isolation class II class
Weight 5 kg
Welding speed 0-5,5 m/min
Material thickness 0,2-1,2 mm
Overlap width 100 mm
Seal width 2 x 12,5 mm, gap 12 mm
Certificate CE