Bosite Roof

Automatic welding machine for welding elastic materials made from plastics like EVA, PVC, TPO, and similar. Designed for welding roofing materials - films, membranes, etc. It works as a stand-alone device on smaller roofs or in addition to the automatic Bosite 7001 for work on large surfaces.

The machine has a full range of regulations allowing the adjustment of parameters to welding conditions - smooth speed and temperature control and digital indicators for set and current values. Through the lifting mechanism drive can be cut off at any time without switching off the engine and the seal leading roll improves the precision work. Welder is also equipped with an additional silicone belt, which initially presses the material and prevents the sheet from moving.

Technical data
Voltage 230V / 50Hz
Power 2800W
Temperature 20-620ÂșC
Welding speed 0,8-10,2 m/s
Weight 13 kg
Seal width 40 mm
Certificate CE